What is Your Paranormal Experience or Encounter?

What is Your Paranormal Experience or Encounter?



Over the years thousands of people have shared their true stories with me. In these fascinating personal accounts they have presented details, emotions, in some cases even a sense of fear and terror,  while other accounts displayed a fulfillment of peace and wonderment. The truth is in the retelling, people all over the world are having extraordinary true encounters each and every day.

If you didn’t know every week, I receive dozens of these stories via emails containing many of these qualities. Sadly, I cannot read them all.

So I feel it makes sense to allow people to post their stories here , if they feel up to it. If you feel you would like your story to be heard. Take your time, go into detail. Allow others to hear your stories, but please be considerate and kind when others come forward with their personal accounts. Somethings are stranger then fiction, and many things have affected our souls deeply.

I will read  what I can. If you have questions on certain topics, then please check my Q&A section.  Periodically, I will be adding to that as well.

Good luck and may your spirits guide you!


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10 thoughts on “What is Your Paranormal Experience or Encounter?”

  1. I’ve been having paranormal experiences since I lived in Atlanta, Ga. with my folks as a kid. As an adult… I feel as if I attract spirits. I now live in Garland, Tx. in my own condo. I got married in 2010 and my husband and I both have experiences. The most current paranormal activity in and outside of the condo is shadow play (a lot of it… enough to where I have a letter to send to the tv show “the Dead Files”. The other paranormal activity that is sometimes current is… he he he… our deceased felines meowing during the day. Thats just a hoot. Especially when you can’t destinquish them from our current three living felines.
    Anyway… thats just some of the activity that I’ve experienced. I liked your tv show “Paranormal Kids” that was real good. Wish someone was there for me during college when I was learning about my psychic abilities and what all I could do… even though I don’t see or hear spirits. Sometimes I can sense them.

  2. In a house we lived in during our high school years we believe we had a ghost.
    Every time we would get dressed up-dates, proms, weddings, etc., we would trip when we reached the bottom of the stairs.
    My parents thought perhaps something was wrong with the staircase so they spoke to a neighbor who was a contractor. He told a story of the man who lived there before us. Apparently, while he was coming down the stairs, he had a stroke or a heart attack and was found, dressed up in a tux, at the bottom of the stairs two days later. He appeared, once to my sister and once to my mom before we knew the story. Neither spoke of this prior to talking to the neiboor. He appeared smiling, like a jokester.
    After that we all got ready for special occasions downstairs.
    Poor guy…

  3. I don’t have any psychic abilities or sense anything but I’ve had a few strange and unexplainable occurrences in my life.

    I want to share the two most dominant experiences in my life. They may be nothing to some people, but they were moments I’ll never forget.

    My nan passed away a year ago. We had never been close as she was a firm, outspoken and cold sort of person. I had not had any sense or proof of her being ‘around’ me or my mum (they were close). In February it was her birthday and a day before I was thinking of her wondering how mum would react. On the day of nan’s birthday I had slept in late as I do most weekends. All of a sudden I felt a firm shake on my body side to side to wake me up. It wasn’t rough at all though. I didn’t react to it straight away, about 20 seconds later I opened my eyes looking for mum, who I thought shoke me as she has had done before but no one was there and the door was shut and my curtains still shut was confused me. My mind shifted to nanna and if she had ‘visited’ me. I didn’t want to start thinking anything crazy like that, so I went to the living room where my only two family members are and asked them and they said they had not shook me. This made me once again question if it was nan. It wasn’t an earthquake I felt, it was pressure on my side to shake me with hands. I think I can recall my nan shaking my once or twice when she was alive to wake me up but if it was her, why so late in the day and not morning? And what was her purpose of doing so? Why couldn’t she visit my mother who loved and cared for her so much?

    I’ve asked nan to give me signs and dreams since then, but I’ve had nothing from her which is confusing and therefore increases my sceptism. The anniversary of her death was the other day and I also had no signs or anything.

    My second story is my very first paranormal experience which I had when I was about 15 and my grandmother was still alive. I’ve told this story on places countless times and not had any replies to it because it is very uninteresting. But people must understand, this event and what followed it scared me so bad I couldn’t sleep in my room or want to be alone.
    My mum had left me home one day to visit my nan. I was in my room with my door shut (I think) reading a book sitting on my bed. Suddenly, I heard very slow walking with heavy boots heading towards me down the hallway. My whole body froze and chills went down my back. I knew instantly it wasn’t normal footsteps, they seemed threatening and ‘other worldly’ like they weren’t even touching the floor but still walking (if that makes sense). My whole body reacted to the heavy footsteps and I freaked out. The fact I acted that way means I knew it wasn’t normal. The spirit (or whatever it was) somehow made me able to hear this when I’m not psychic or have any abilities like that. I froze on my bed wondering what to do because my only exit was the hallway without jumping out the window. I felt paralyzed in fear. I took off down the hallway shaking and started playing loud music on the stereo in our living room (thought it would warn it off in my mind). Unfortunately, our house was very small so the living room was next to the hallway which intensified my fear. I kept playing the music until mum came back home (luckily a short time later). For ages after that I felt a bad oresense hovering over me as I slept at night and spent about weeks sleeping in my mother’s bed. She didn’t understand and got mad and thought I was being stupid. We had a few arguments over this. It was the most hardest thing for me to go back to my room into chilly air. Eventually.. After about three weeks the feeling went away and I didn’t feel scared or that hovering presense feeling anymore.
    I have no idea what it was and why it came to me. All I know is that it was trying to upset me. I felt it was a male by the heavy boots walking. Spirit or demon.. Who knows. I never had anything like that happen again and I’m glad.

    Living at that house I had weird experiences. Like one day in the living room alone I smelt a strong smell of hokey pokey/toffee and we had none in the house. Sometimes I swore I could hear the back door opening and shutting, but it felt other Worldy.. Like I heard it with my mind, instead of my ears.

    I haven’t had anything creepy other than hearing phones ringing, but they aren’t really ringing and my name being called and things like that. I don’t have then regularly, maybe only once or twice a year. No one in my family has abilities or anything like that either so I don’t know why I had these experiences. Mum has had creepy experiences too.

  4. HELLO, well i lived in my current house all my life. and i heard this story about a lad named rose who feel down the stairs 🙁 they say they dont know if she died when it happened but i believe she did
    🙁 well…… ive been having sudden feelings of sadness. i think it was beacuse of her sudden death. well i have feeling also that someone is looking at me or in the same room as me. HAVE ANY TIPS? @BROOK_MARINO1

  5. Hi I lost a child and this may sound werid but every night when I’m sleeping I’m been woken up bye a child crying both my girls are sound alseep but I still hear it ! One night my husben said he was woke up by a lil boy calling daddy and he says to this day that the lil boy looks like our son zachariah I don’t kno what to make from this !

  6. Two years ago during my senior year of college is when I got my first message from someone on the other side. I was driving out of my church parking lot when it happened. To fully understand this, I need to give a little background. This was a church close to my college campus. I started going there when a pastor from back home got transferred there. One of the first women of the congregation to welcome me was an 85 year old woman named Rose. Rose was one of the sweetest women I had ever met. Every week we would say hello and chit chat a little. Once I joined the church choir I didn’t see her as often because I wasn’t sitting near her. On the morning of my experience it had been 4 or 5 months since I had last talked to her. That morning they had announced in church that she had died the night before. Everyone was saddened by her death because she was such a nice person. As I was driving out of the parking lot I remember idly thinking to myself, “I wonder if she is in heaven yet”. At this point I was just letting my mind wander as I made my way back to my apartment. Next thing I knew I “heard” a voice in my head say “Honey, I made it, and its wonderful”. It floored me. It was like a thought in my head but I knew it wasn’t mine. My first thought immediately after she answered me was, “Oh I forgot she used to call me Honey.” I had completely forgotten about it. It had been 5 months since I had last talked to her. Something else that struck me was her use of the word wonderful. People in my generation use words like, awesome or amazing. I honestly don’t think my first descriptor would be the word “wonderful”.

    It was after that that things really started to change for me. I started having more experiences like this. Things I couldn’t explain without admitting that either something was going on or I was losing my mind. It was difficult because who do you tell? You don’t just tell someone that your hearing things in your head. That’s insane. I’ve always prided myself on being a level headed and smart person. I had no idea what this was.

    Even just believing who my spirit guide was took a lot of work. I was so doubtful. I’m surprised my guide still puts up with me because I gave her a run for her money.

    It has been two years since that first encounter. I have talked to two people about my abilities and one of them knows everything that I have learned over these past two years. Chris, your podcasts and the Psychic Kids show have greatly helped. I started listening and reading for anything that sounded like what I was experiencing. Your podcasts and Psychic Kids gave me the information and reassurance that I’m not crazy. I look forward to attending one of your lectures.

  7. My son started seeing spirit at 6 yrs old(he’s now 8) My son didn’t know what a ghost one until one boy ghost followed us home from an old train depot that was made into children’s museum. My son thought this boy was from the future because he tried to touch the boy but my son’s hand went through this boy. My son communicated with this boy through telepathy.(as if he can read that boy mind) We were able to release that boy spirit. He didn’t see any other spirit until recently when we passed a Veteran’s cemetery near Getty Paul Museum in CA. It started all over again but this time the spirit is not peaceful.

    Recently an angry spirit of an old lady (and sometimes spirit of soldiers) has been appearing and bothered him to the point that my son is scared. I’ve seen and heard ghosts in the past when I stayed in my mom’s house. I can feel them but can’t see it anymore. The ability seem to ran in my family. I am scared for my son right now because the old lady spirit is kept trying to get inside of him. I’ve seen how some spirits effect my son when they are near him. My son recognized the “feeling” is not coming from him. My son is desperate for me to help him. My husband doesn’t believe in any of this and scolded my son for being “so afraid” and to stop the “imagination.” My husband needs to see it to believe in it. He’s challenging the ghost and inviting them into our house. I’m trying to get them out of the house. My son kept seeing the portal that opening up in certain part of the house. I tried my hardest to close the portal,which worked sometimes but it doesn’t stay close for too long. He saw them all the times. He’s very hurt that his daddy doesn’t believe in him. The old lady spirit told my son, just yesterday, that she “hated” me. I figure that’s because I stand between her and my son. A voice came out of a child’s toy the other month to the effect saying, “I’m going to get you!” Please advise what I should do. I live in California. Can we contact you? If not,do you know any psychic that live in the South Bay area(Los Angeles), C.A.? Please my son really needs help. Thank you very much for your help! God Bless!

  8. I passed when I was nine years old but was allowed to come back – i’ve had many experiences – i’ve heard angles sing, I’ve met a guardian angel and i’ve had expereinces with evil as well – presently I am aware something is at my home and not good – it seems to stay in my room and i have felt it touch me, i smell odd smells like mustiness that no one else does, then i see things for a second, and I’m doingmy best to live with it and not show fear though continual lack of sleep sometimes affects me – i keep my faith strong and try my best to show courage even when the room becomes very cold at night and i feel it around me…i hope it will leave one day and until then do my best to cope with it on a daily basis. I know I am not crazy but have no ne to share these things with – so glad there is a place like this i can feel free to be me and get this out in the open…God bless us all and one day we will learn the answers when we too cross over.

    1. I have had very similar experiences. I even get occasional visions of a wolf like creature and when it is near I can feel the heat and smell the stench of its breath. I had medium come in and she validated my experience. Her advice was to show it love. She said that negative entities thrive on our fear. It took a lot of faith and courage but I did approach this thing with all the love I could muster, I even tried to hug it. I have not seen or felt this entity since I did that. Hope this helps. I know how terrible it is to live in fear in your own home.

  9. For years I have had a lot of different kinds of paranormal experiences. I feel spirits and hear them speaking to me, although I don’t always fully understand what they are saying. It usually happens at night, as I try to drift off into a deep sleep I into REM cycle, I can’t always seem to get there. So my mind and body stay into a twilight state which feels like meditation. This is the time I would start to hear them speak to me, while I was in bed, they would come to my side and speak in my ear. At first I thought it was my husband but after he told me that he was asleep and not to bother him I quickly realized it was paranormal. Now during the time where this activity started picking up, during my waking hours I could feel Spirit following my throughout my day. In the morning when I’d drive my kids to school, there was always someone else in the car as well. I could always feel them when the kids got out and went to school. I could sense it was my grandpa who had passed, because we had just moved to bigger city from our small town and when he was alive he was always very protective of me, so being in the car with me and my kids was his way of watching out for us. But, in my home Spirits would try to make their self known by moving things around and making noise with objects in a part of the house no one was at. It got to the point where my kids and even my husband started noticing these weird happenings. I believe the spirits were waiting till I was in the right state to speak with me. My mind is always going a mile a minute and the ONLY time it isn’t is when I am in that twilight state. Anyway, most spirits were kind and patient with me as they took turns trying to communicate their message to me. However, there was one night as I finally drifted off to a real sleep that I began dreaming a sweet dream of my husband and I. In the dream I was in my old house and room, sitting on the bed with my husband and we started to kiss. Outside the open window beside us we heard a voice say “hey” as if trying to get our attention, then we heard it again, and ignored it. As we began to kiss a third time some dark black shadow figure with a hat that looked like one an Amish man would wear darted through the window and pushed his way between my husband and got right in my face and yelled ” HEEEYYYY”. It was so loud that I woke up and realized that it wasn’t just a dream but I heard it with my own ears. I knew this spirit had rudely interfered with my personal space and was demanding my attention in a very frightening way. After this experience (which I kept to myself-I never discussed anything like this in front of my kids) my youngest daughter (7yrs old at the time told me a very upsetting story. Now in her room she shared with my other daughter there was a closet that no one wanted to go near during the day but most especially at night. We kept it closed every night. The girls were unsettled at night it their room at times and my oldest son would sleep in the top bunk in their room just so they felt safer. Anyway a few nights when it was just the two girls, my youngest daughter we will call “L” slept on the bottom bunk bed. As she was trying to close her eyes and fall asleep she saw a black mass standing near her closet. It was about 6 feet tall, thick black shadow figure staring right back at her. She was clearly too frightened to scream or run out of the room to me and my husband. So she laid there looking at it and then pulled the covers over her head and turned her back to it and prayed that it would go away. She could feel it walk over to her bed and hover over her for a time. After a while it finally left and she drifted off to sleep. I had her draw for me what she saw, and it was exactly the image of the shadow figure that infiltrated my dream. Now I don’t know if that shadow figure was there when we moved in or was attracted to our home because I am sensitive to spirits and could hear them. But that was enough for me to shut down and clean house. Now I am 5/8ths Blackfoot Indian and LDS, so that is the culture that I practice. I also like to sage a lot as well. So I decided that I would sage my home. I waited till I was home alone and then went through my house and opened all the windows. I lit my smuge stick and began with my prayer. I started on the first floor of my home and the smoke from the smuge stick wasn’t very thick which I realized was because that part of my home was okay, but as I headed up the stairs I stopped dead in my tracks. My heart started racing and I could feel something menacing staring at me over the small wall at the top of the stairs. This something was not friendly at all and was clearly angry that I was now closing my house to all negative energy. I was frightened, but I couldn’t stop the smudging of my home so after a quick prayer and trying to decide what to do I realized that I already had the power with me to dispel this negative entity. I realized that God’s love for me and his white light and peace would protect me. So I thought up a church hymn called “Our Savior’s Love” and ” The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning” and began singing those two songs as I marched up the stairs with sage in hand. I felt the Spirit of God at my side and I had no need to fear. As I got to the top of the stairs and began again my prayer for clearing my home, I went from room to room and I could feel this negative entity “running” from me trying to hide. It desperately wanted to stay, but finally I chased it out. Since then, we moved into a new home that we bought and we haven’t had any issues here. I also closed myself down to Spirit communication. I don’t want them to effect my children in any way. Sorry this story was so long. I have plenty of other stories as well, but thought I’d share this one.

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